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Poems with PicLits

If you want to have a bit of fun creating poetry with your pupils then why not try creating a PicLit? The PicLits website has a fantastic selection of high quality and unusual images that can be used to inspire writing. The website has two options: you can either use the drag and drop facility (as shown in the photo above), which has plenty of themed vocabulary for each image, or you can write in freestyle mode (this still has a few suggestions to help the children along). Some children can be very resistant to creative writing but  ICT is often a good way to get them motivated.

Start off having a general talk about poetry:it dosen’t need to involve a lot of writing so can be a good opener!  Make sure you check for suitable images from the site beforehand. You could work as a large group together: initially looking at the drag and drop option but then progressing onto writing freestyle.

Think about which words could be used to describe certain parts of the image (e.g. How does the snow look? – white, powdery, fluffy etc.  What can we say about the skier? He’s alone, male, brave, fearless etc.) and, if desired, note the words liked on small white boards. After creating a whole group effort  split into smaller groups (of 2 or 3 pupils each) or individuals and see what the children can come up with.

To save work you can use print screen and paste the image with added text into a PowerPoint. PicLit does allow you to set up an account and save the created content and embed it into different sites but this is probably unnecessary, although it’s something that could be considered. The website has many good features although, in a perfect world, a more child friendly font in a larger size could further enhance the activity and make it more inclusive.

Thinking on this afterwards I thought it might be a good idea to create some type on PowerPoints, with similarly fabulous images or videos on the slides alongside a list of suggested vocabulary, although this is still just a thought in my head at the moment. You’ll just have to watch this space!