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(Purple) Mash for Breakfast, Dinner and Tea!

Every so often something comes along and you just go ‘Wow!’. It happened a little while ago when I first got the chance to use 2Create a SuperStory, and when I saw Scholastic’s Story Stage. It happened a while back when I first tried out Ript, Prezi and Google Earth. Back in the day it even happened when I realised what I could do with PowerPoint! Well it’s just happened again and this time it’s all due to another fabulous 2Simple idea: Purple Mash. Not totally finished, yet already awe inspiring, it’s something you really need to have a look around.

Tagged as an ‘online creative space’, Purple Mash has so much going for it it’s difficult to know where to start. The simple colouring templates (like the flag above) are set up so pupils with poor mouse control can still create a nice piece of work due to the innovative ‘staying inside the lines’ way the template is created. The ability to add a line of text at the bottom is also a cool touch! But what I absolutely adored about the colouring templates is the way that some of them use clever symmetry to create designs: the butterfly is straight forward mirroring but the flower and star templates make it simple to create fabulous designs with minimal effort.

The writing frames are just as outstanding, covering a whole range of text types and layouts and with the inclusion of inspiring and topic linked photographs, ideas prompts or word banks and, in many cases, additional clip art. There are, in addition, some unusual ideas included that would easily fit in to any Foundation, SEN, or KS1 and 2 setting. How about designing a computer game package? Or a cool t-shirt? Maybe a plate of healthy food? There are templates for all three and many more, plus loads of other great stuff! It also includes access to a number of 2Simple’s titles (similar to the online tools but offering so much more) with details here on how the completed package can be accessed.

This piece of kit really looks like it could cover a whole lot of bases. The menus are high visibility with a black background, making them perfect for pupils who have visual impairments. The addition of clip art and photos means it’s not reliant on drawing skills to make work look good (another inclusion box ticked there!) and the word banks and prompts could also assist pupils with learning difficulties and be useful with children of all ages. The colouring outlines are basic with plenty of room for embellishment whatever a child’s age and everything can be exported as a .png file at the moment – making it easy to resize and print out for display or evidence. I could go on but I think it’s better to allow you to discover it for yourself. You won’t be sorry – in fact you’ll probably end up mashing the day away!