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Clip Art Creations

A few days ago I posted a link to a Comic Book Template that had been made in PowerPoint. As an extension why not get the children to create their own comic characters(I’m focusing on fruit and veg) Just use the clip art images that are already available on Microsoft Office and a little bit of creativity.

To get the children started download  this clip art expressions collection (you’ll need to unzip these images). Then search for a fruit or vegetable image and insert it into the PowerPoint. If necessary children can use the flip and rotate tools to position the image how they wished and resize them to give them a big canvas to work on.  They then added the facial expression of their choice onto the clip art.: the characters were beginning to take shape .

Nest stage isto add some limbs and other items, like clothing or hair if the children thought the characters needed them. You could draw these on or use autoshapes, but, if you’re being really creative, you could use additional clip art items. Once the children are happy with their designs get them to use Ctrl+A to select all the elements, then right click to save their character as an image. Check out one of the characters below – I think she looks rather nifty!

And here’s another clip art tip/idea. Did you know that some Microsoft clip art images can be ungrouped so you can remove the bits you don’t want. If you right click on some images you will get the option to ungroup, then a message asking you if you want to convert it into a Microsoft Office drawing object  – click ‘yes’. When you right click the image and choose ungroup for a second time each separate element of the image with be clearly visible. This technique is great for removing the elements of clip art that are surplus to requirements  – like a distracting background. Why not try it for yourself!  Look here for a more thorough tutorial.