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The Christmas Story

It’s that time of year again. Time to go over ‘the greatest story ever told’ with children of all ages and record it in some way. You can use 2Create a Story to allow pupils to record their own version of the Christmas story. I know it sounds like I enthuse about 2Simple software a lot (maybe because I do!) but it has a huge impact on the type of work younger pupils, and those with SEN, are able to create when using ICT. A quick tip I always encourage children to click the edge of the frame first – it allows them to set a background colour before starting to draw and can make a big difference to their finished piece of work.

The application makes it easy to add simple effects (both visual and audio) to their stories and it’s very straight forward and intuitive to use if you’re already a user of other 2Simple programs.

its also a good idea to have a collection of sequencing images that could be imported into 2Publish+, using the layout setting (or other programs). The ability to copy, paste and import into this program really extends your opportunities to use it in a cross curricular  and structured way. After all, not all pupils are adept at drawing their own images in small boxes on the page (although the range of tools does give a lot of scope for this).

The final ICT based activity I want to share is a book-style PowerPoint Show with type on slides and individual word banks on each slide. This uses the same set of still images as above; I considered adding animations but felt this might be too distracting, so still images it was.

This activity is probably the most appealing choice for older pupils; I think the fact it is in PowerPoint format possibly helps it feel a little more age appropriate.. I also think that the addition of mini word banks is also key as it means pupils do not require a word mat to assist them. Try it out and see what you think.