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Word Up!

It’s Saturday night. As there’s absolutely nothing to watch on the telly I thought I’d share something I’ve been using recently in class. This isn’t actually an ICT activity but the resource is for the IWB so I’m popping it on here anyway. Simple really – just a word puzzle to get them thinking. Each slide has a box with nine letters on it. The letters can be arranged to spell out a 9 letter word but I give the children a set time (usually 15 minutes) to see how many words of three letters or more they can come up with. Each table has access to a dictionary to check spellings if they need to. To add a little edge (let’s call it healthy competition) there’s a little prize for anyone who finds the 9 letter word and another for the person with the most words that are spelt correctly. Nothing to it really – it’s not rocket science; just a bit of fun to have at the end of the day. If you want to try it you can download my resource here or just make your own.

Another idea I’ve used recently is Save the Egg. I did share details of this with others at a Science day in Cardiff , and it’s an activity that someone else shared with me, but it’s so much fun I thought it was worth sharing again here. Bring in a couple of eggs. Ask the children what would happen if you dropped it (for extra effect I would actually drop an egg – the reactions are priceless): how could they stop it from breaking? What could they use to protect it? This activity covers so many things and you can weight it towards which ever focus you think fits you best. I’ve structured it from a materials point of view but it could just as easily fit in with work on forces or just be a thinking skills project. I’d run it over two sessions; using the second session to bring in an egg for each child and a whole bunch of the materials they highlighted (bubble wrap is a big favourite) so they can perfect their designs and test them out. Does it matter if their designs fail? Not at all – it’s an excellent way to start discussions on what they might do next time to improve it. My one rule – everyone has to name their egg  – it makes it more personal.



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