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This Flurb Needs You!

Want to have a bit of fun with your class? Well, why not introduce them to my friend the Flurb? He’s a cute little critter from the planet Snoofle and he needs a home. But it needs to suit his needs and his needs are pretty specific. I introduced the Flurbs in class today and bombarded the pupils with information that would come in handy when planning and designing an artificial habitat. I wanted to get them thinking on a number of levels. One – I wanted them to think of the types of materials they could use to build the new artificial environment. Two – I wanted to think of solutions that would support the Flurb’s dietary requirements and other needs. If they managed to get all that done the next stage was to move onto how we could advertise and market the Flurb to households around the globe: what were the good points we could highlight to make him the most wanted creature on the planet. In addition to this I wanted the activity to be fun and creative and allow the pupils freedom to carry out the task in which every way they wanted – whether that was by ICT means or otherwise.

 If you want to introduce your class to Flurbs you might want to check out the presentation I created to use in class. To support it there’s also a basic fact sheet to support children who might need a little gentle reminding about the Flurb’s needs and another template I used for a brainstorming session after pupils had been given the chance to go through all the information presented. You might be able to use the resources to take things in a totally different direction – but that would be up to you. The idea itself was simple and not only generated a lot of interesting discussions and designs but was also enjoyed by all the pupils within the classroom. And you can’t ask for more than that, can you?


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