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Character Building

Earlier in the week I took part in an online where I was showing people how to create simple clip art images using autoshapes. The session was very popular and, near the end of the session, I shared some simple alien characters I had created using the same techniques. These were quite popular so tonight I’m posting a short video showing hot you can create your own. I’ve tried to include a few handy tips in the video that I think others might find useful. Here are a few more…

  1. If you create a shape or character you are particularly happy with save the Publisher or Powerpoint document so you can access it again and make simple changes  – it’s much easier than starting things from scratch!
  2. If you want to save images with a clear background save them as PNGs – Jpegs and bitmaps will save with a white background (which you can remove easily when importing into some programs anyway.
  3. If you find things really tricky find an image you’d like to replicate and use the curve tool to trace over it carefully: this technique is particularly good for creating clip art images of historical figures and people as it will help you get the proportions right.
  4. In newer versions of Publisher you can sample  fill and outline colours to get an exact match – this can be especially helpful when filling with pale colours and skin tones.
  5. If you have an idea what sorts of colours you want to use in your image, and you’re using 2010,  select a colour scheme from the design tab first – that way you get graduated samples of the colours you want that are easy to access.

I hope you find that helpful – now it’s your turn to get creating 🙂


Comments on: "Character Building" (4)

  1. That’s great Bev! Thanks for the online demo last week too – with perseverance I managed to create a rather primitive avatar for my Twitter account.

  2. I think I like the post, but am not sure. I am not able to see what program you are using because of the resolution. Care to pass it on? Did you do the 3D stickmen I see on your site?

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