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…people just get it right? It’s been half term this last week and I’m sure lots of children have been going out or watching TV or playing with friends and that’s just great! But what’s also great is the fact that there are so many things that children can do online, especially if the weather’s not great (although, I have to say,  today it’s lovely here). One of these great things is Purple Mash. 2Simple (or, as I like to call them, the people in the Purple Palace…) seem to pitch things correctly every time as far as I’m concerned and the online suite of tools that make up the Mash are absolutely fantastic. Kids just seem to love them!

Before breaking up for half term I reminded the pupils about their Purple Mash logins, both personal and group/class based. I thought (hoped) it might offer them something to do on those rainy days all holidays seem to include. Today I checked some of the club logins and was amazed to see the amount of work created and saved online to share back in school – it was phenomenal! Everything from drawings created with texture pens to reports on the rugby – you name it, they had tried it. Just check out the ‘Fairy Tale Shoe house’ above – how creative is that?

Obviously, it being half term, I’ve spent some of my time with some grandchildren and, again, Purple Mash is a total winner with all of them. My 4 year old grandson spent absolutely ages on his picture of Lightning McQueen and has since moved onto creating a 3d version in 2D&M with a little help from his big brother (I will post a picture when it’s all glued together). His big brother, who goes to a Welsh medium school, adores the fact that there is Welsh language stuff available – it’s just like at his school. It’s great to see children sharing ideas, collaborating on projects and (most of all) creating stuff, and this is one of the things Purple Mash makes easy.

It was also quite funny to see my older grandson revert to ‘school’ mode as soon as he was in front of Purple Mash – he started explaining and talking about everything in Welsh! I thought I’d better post something he created so here’s his picture of Elmer, or Eli as he called it. That’s Eli pronounced Ellie. To explain, Big J pointed out to me that, if he put a double ‘l’ in it would sound quite different in Welsh!


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