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It’s been a bit of a busy week for me: I’ve done quite a bit of travelling and I can’t complain. On Tuesday I was invited to present at a Science and ICT day in Cardiff, and what a fab day it turned out to be. In addition to catching up with some fine folk I got to fine out about all the great stuff currently available on the NGFL Cymru website (thanks to Alessio Bernadelli) and I got to share some ideas. I started by sharing a few great places online: some that can be used to help with lesson plans, some which had great activities and some which had some interesting web 2.0 tools that could be used in science (you can download the list here). I love sharing ideas and I think there’s something for everyone on the list but that was not the end of my contribution.

I spent a bit of time showing everyone how to create Multimodal PowerPoint and how they could be used in science. There’s a short video tutorial above. You can download an additional help sheet, with links to additional online tutorials, here. It’s safe to say it was quite a day for PowerPoint as Alessio had already showcased a great PowerPoint macro he had used. But I always think that PowerPoint is one of those universal programs that most educators use, although they may not realise how much it can do. Needless to say the teachers of Cardiff left with a few additional ideas on how they might use it!

A great deal of focus during the morning session was on thinking skills and how you can embed them easily within the classroom. Alessio had already shown some great ideas and I talked about learning logs and how they could be linked to science to develop metacognition skills. I had talked about them at a previous TeachMeet, and the host of the Cardiff Science and ICT day (the fabulous Karen Jones) encouraged me to share the idea on Tuesday. Hopefully there’ll be some Learning Logs popping up around Cardiff in the next few weeks!

I was back in Cardiff on Thursday for the first ever TeachMeet Cardiff – another great TeachMeet event. There were some great ideas shared (as per usual at such things) and I especially enjoyed Ceri Williams presentation on dyslexia friendly classrooms: simple ideas that we could all implement easily. I, incase you were wondering, talked about the wonderful free Andrea Mosaic and Google Maps.  TeachMeets are fast becoming the best CPD there is available: many at Cardiff had not attended one before and everyone went away enthused and inspired. Karen did a great job at keeping things ticking along and Alessio held the fort at the technical end. As a proud Welsh person it’s great to see the capital city suddenly become such a hotbed of collaboration. Long may it continue!


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  1. Karen Newby Jones said:

    Bev, it was a great thrill for me to see you interacting with teachers in Cardiff both on the course and at the teachmeet. We all learnt such a lot.
    A really valuable skill you have is that you are an enabler; every teacher who saw you and the tools you shared went away feeling they could give them a go! My job now is to make sure that they do try them so that not only do the children in their classes benefit but that they in turn share them with colleagues and move the learning on for everyone.
    Thanks again

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the idea to add the Active text box. How do you collect the information that the students have typed in? I love the possibilities but wondered if you can have it save to a spreadsheet or just how the info is collected.

  3. Hi Jolene,

    If you want to collect what the child has written in the active box you could do it this way. First open PowerPoint and then the child’s work (so it opens in editable PowerPoint format). Right click on the active box (or boxes) and select the properties menu. Next to the word text in properties menu will be what the child has written: you are able to highlight this text and therefore copy and paste it to another program if you wish to record or collate it. I hope that makes sense!

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