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Create something simple

Just a quick one tonight! Apparently clip art pictures of children’s faces are difficult to find. So here is a simple video showing how you can create your own. When Saving your finished items as pictures make sure you select PNG format – this will give them a clear background and allow them to be used in a number of different programs. I used Publisher but you could also do this in PowerPoint.


Comments on: "Create something simple" (8)

  1. Fantastic Bev, I’m going to try this tomorrow, make one of myself and then show the class the video to create one themselves.

  2. cherise duxbury said:

    as usual very helpful, and well just brilliant!!!! Thanks so much

  3. This is excellent Bev! Even I managed to create a great looking piece of clipart.
    Will use with the children tomorrow. Didn’t realise you could edit the points when using the curve lines.

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