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Keeping it Interesting

Hello all. It’s been a little while since I last blogged and you might have been wondering what I’ve been up to. Well I’ve been busy: gathering some new ideas and reworking some old ones too but my main focus has been trying to develop some ideas to keep lessons interesting and challenging for all pupils. It’s something that needs to be at the front of our minds at all time – we want children to do well and we want our lessons to be as interesting as possible. Some topics generate more interest than others but it’s important to have high expectations of the pupils while giving them every opportunity to shine.

Now something that really interests me is Formula 1 racing. This started when I was just a young girl. At that time Texaco was a big name locally and they arranged for one of the F1 cars they had sponsored to be on display in the town. I think it could have been Mario Andretti’s car (although I could be wrong) and the sight of it parked in the middle of the local supermarket car park was something I remember as quite exciting and other worldly: a definite wow moment for a young girl in a very small town. So it was with great excitement that I went on a fact finding mission about a project that sounds interesting and engaging on so many different levels: the Formula 1 Technology Challenge . What a great project: building and racing cars against pupils from other schools, not just in your own area but possibly on a global scale. What a fantastic idea!! There are so many elements to the project that take it in different directions and call on differing skills. There’s the scientific enquiry aspect: finding out about aerodynamic design. There’s the ICT/DT aspect: using Solidworks , or similar software, to design your vehicle, printing out a 3D model of your design and then constructing it in more traditional manner. Added to this is the opportunity to develop entrepreneurship skills: marketing, developing merchandise and sponsorship are all embedded in the challenge. I think it’s definitely something worth investigating further!

On a more day to day level I have decided to improve and refine the challenge area in the ICT suite. In the past I have had some quick levelled activities on hand (well, actually on my desk) to hand out to those pupils who perhaps finish a task quickly or need to move on to the next step. I’ve decided to now devote an area of the room to this and have duly bought some rather spangly and sparkly gift boxes of different sizes to give the area a bit of pizazz. The smallest box will contain challenges for pupils in Years 1  and 2 and the boxes get progressively bigger as the pupils get older. Within each box I’m planning to put a number of ICT ideas that I’m going to colour code: red for e-safety, yellow for research etc. That way I can offer up a suitable challenge, to any child who is ready for one, and just send them off to the challenge area to collect a suitable activity card. Of course this is going to start after Christmas, so I’ll have to see how it goes, but I am hoping that it’ll help keep things ticking along nicely.


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