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Is it just me or does there seem to be something different on every week between the end of October and the beginning of January? It’s a non stop merry go round of events and activities that any school worth it’s salt should be acknowledging or celebrating. No wonder we’re all ready for a holiday come December! This week has been Anti Bullying Week and I’m sure many of us have spent at least a little time discussing and working on ideas linked to this for the last few days. Tomorrow it’s time for the annual fun, charity and madness that is Children in Need and many of us (including me) will be dressing up and being a little bit silly for at least part of the day (and why not? – it is a great cause). This also means you might be looking for some fun activities linked to Pudsey Bear so here are a few ideas.

Pictures of Pudsey are always popular but the picture above twists this idea. It’s a picture of Pudsey made out of spots! Especially good for this year as the theme for the day is ‘Show your spots’. It was created using the pointillism setting on 2Paint a Picture (although you could use any art program that allowed you to draw big circles). The background was filled with large spots of darker colour (absolutely no yellow) and Pudsey was made from layers of smaller spots. The overall effect makes Pudsey look lovely and fluffy as putting the spots close together gives the image some texture.

You could also use 2DIY to create some Pudsey themed games. Younger pupils could use the program to create simple puzzles and activities while older pupils might enjoy creating some more complex games and activities: possible a Pudsey catching spots game or a platform game that involves overcoming obstacles to find spots (or possibly donations of money) – I’m pretty sure the children can come up with some even more fabulous ideas.

If you don’t have access to some of the great software from 2Simple I’ve mentioned here there’s still loads you can do. The picture below uses autoshapes to create an image of Pudsey. This has been done in PowerPoint but could just as easily be completed in Publisher or even Word. For added fun why not fill the shapes with textures instead of plain colours as seen here.


Of course some of you might like to encourage pupils to create items that raise a bit of money for the cause and there are plenty of computer based ideas that you could call upon. Things like bookmarks and badges or stickers are relatively easy to make using any desktop publishing program and a bit of imagination while the more creative might like to make Pudsey masks using 2Design and Make via 2Simple’s  PurpleMash or some Pudsey wrapping paper/paper bags using the pattern tool on 2Paint a picture. But whatever you choose I hope you have fun 🙂


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  2. wow i love pudsey

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