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If you haven’t checked out 2Simple software’s Purple Mash yet you really need to take a look. It’s a truly glorious thing: plenty of well thought out, cross curricular activities  (or, rather, APPtivities) that are suitable for primary pupils of all abilities.  Today I’ve been using some of the Purple Mash APPtivities with my 4 year old grandaughter and others who are obsessed with the World Cup, and it’s fair to say that everyone not only found the APPtivities fun and easy to use : they’ve absolutely had a ball with them!

Now I’ve been lucky enough to have been enjoying a sneak preview of the new paint projects with textures that are going to be added to the Purple Mash repertoire, and they are truly marvellous. You really need to check out the latest 2Simple Blog post, but I’d describe them as having a Lauren Child ‘Charlie and Lola’ style look with elements of the Nick Sharratt children’s book ‘Don’t Put Your finger in the Jelly, Nelly’ (a total favourite in our house for the last 15 years!!). Having had a look at what these projects offer over the last few days I really think they’re going to enhance creativity through the medium of ICT, especially for younger pupils and those with SEN. They certainly have the WOW facto . If your topics  is camouflaged animals, houses and homes or fairy tales (plus a number of others) then these new creative APPtivities are just the ticket . The above picture was one that was created today and looks great!

Now these new additions are fantastic but they are just one example of the fabulous array of different APPtivities included on the Purple Mash platform. There are so many great APPtivities ( in a range of different styles and all linked to popular and commonly covered school topics) and 2Simple are listening to what people want and making it happen. Yes, there are great free APPtivities available (always a plus) but it’s also a service schools can buy into: something that really gives you a comprehensive selection of software and APPtivities for all areas of the curriculum (just check out the info available here). Many APPtivities include videos, to help inspire and inform pupils, and the inclusion of things like word banks and writing prompts (as well as using a high visibility background) assist in making the APPtivities inclusive and accessible for pupils who may need a little extra help and support. The APPtivities are updated and added to regularly, with plenty of topical and seasonal content,  and there is even an opportunity to have APPtivities linked to your local area . It’s something you really need to investigate so I suggest you all get mashing – soon!


Comments on: "(Purple)Mashing it up: Time for Extra Portions!" (11)

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  2. — really fantastic to hear this feedback — thanks

  3. Katie Hart said:

    What a wonderful post! I’m sure everyone is now looking forward to making their own Mash Monsters… I know I am’

  4. great creations from the childre, Could they make me a wolf dressed for his wedding please as i still havent chose my outfit yet

  5. Thank you – I enjoyed reading this!

  6. Huge round of applause for the year 3 class – great stuff! Love seeing the programs used and enjoyed, thanks for posting.

  7. Glad you liked the children’s efforts and enjoyed the post. Pupils from another class in our Autistic Centre have also been enjoying some ‘monster mash’ today 🙂

  8. Great post (as usual!)

    Looking forward to getting back and having my class have a go at these ;o)

    • Wonderful blog. Thank you for the comments…it’s really wonderful to see Purple Mash creations and to hear how much the children are getting out of it! Here’s to many more happy hours of Mash making!

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  10. […] they can be creative at school and at home. Of course I’ve been a fan of Purple Mash for quite a while but, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, let’s have a look at some of the new […]

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