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Come Dine With Me

Recapping PowerPoint skills – not the most interesting starting point for a lesson. In an effort to make it a little more interesting why link it to a challenge – create a fantastic, details and delicious sounding menu using ingredients you would never want to eat in a million years.

So… how does it work? A good starting point is discussing menus in general –  talk about food and words or phrases seen used on menus. Words like ‘traditional’, ‘fresh’, ‘delicious’ and ‘succulent’ are good ones. Great – let’s use them and a bunch more!!! And so the task is revealed – everyone is to create a menu on PowerPoint for a restaurant. Word art heading, clip art or images from the resource folder, text boxes, a bit of custom animation, a coloured background, slide transition – these are the PowerPoint elements I need to recap. So far  – so mundane. Time to reveal the twist…

Now this idea may horrify the children at first. Give them some examples: deliciously crunchy woodlouse cocktail served on a bed of damp carpet tile. Succulent wart burgers made with the freshest local ingredients. You get the idea. At the end you will, hopefully, e truly disgusting concoctions and everyone will have managed to cover all the PowerPoint skills without even thinking about it. Lovely stuff!!!!


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