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Here’s  a little bit of problem solving, using the Icelandic ash cloud as a basis for the idea. I based the idea on a great resource that Donna Hay (aka @dwsm) put myway . The idea was to find a way of getting back home from one of three different destinations: New York,  Barcelona and Paris. Using the interactive ash cloud pupils can look for places they could possibly reach and can then check details like flights, car hire, ferry tickets etc. using internet searches. The rules aresimple – get home however you could, as long as it was a realistic journey ( no teleporting in a TARDIS or just saying you would fly from a to b without flight details to back it up!!).

A few things need to be thought through carefully. Firstly, a large number of pupils may have never been abroad. That means they have no real idea of how long journeys take or how large other countries are. They might think it’s totally feasible to cycle from Barcelona to a ferry port, or that a taxi from Paris to Calais would be a reasonable option!!!If you’re doing this in real time you might find available flights only for them to disappear from the screen within minutes. You could get a flight from New York to Quebec, then get another to Norway, get a boat to Scotland then hire a car and drive down to Wales – the route works but it certainly is the long way round.


Comments on: "Ordinary Joe versus the Volcano" (1)

  1. Donna Hay said:

    I’m glad the lesson worked well with your yr6s. My KS3 classes have enjoyed the challenge of trying to find a way home and I think have a better appreciation of the difficulties that many have faced in trying to get home over the last week.

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