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Fun with Texture

This morning I was playing about on the computer (as you do), browsing for nothing in particular, when I can across some stunning stained glass window pictures. Now the ones I saw were collages but I wondered if I could come up with an ICT activity that  could create the same thing. So here’s what I’ve come up with…

Now I was working with PowerPoint 2007, but the same thing would be created in exactly the same way using 2003. I started by choosing an image I wanted to recreate and applied it as my PowerPoint background. I was quite ambitious (I like a challenge) – you might like to start with a simpler image. I decided the easiest/best way to get the effect I wanted was to create transparent autoshapes with black borders and then use fill effects to fill them with textures or images. You are going to need a bundle of suitable textures and images to do this. I’ve built up a bit of a collection over the years but you might like to visit CGTextures and choose a few first.

So onto getting the Autoshapes in place. Start with the background or ‘underneath’ elements (sky, grass etc.) and then build up the layers. Any tricky shapes may have to be drawn with the scribble tool (using the background for guidance this isn’t as difficult as it sounds) and you must remember to join up the ends when using the scribble tool, or you won’t be able to fill the shapes with texture. As you can see from the image above, this meant that some of the shapes were joined up off the slide, but it will all come good in the end if you ensure you join the ends together somewhere.

Then I just kept going – adding more bits and creating more shapes. To create the leaves on the tree I cheated a bit – I drew a few shapes I liked and copied and pasted them, resizing and rotating them to fit the places they needed to go. It saved a bit of time and doesn’t affect the finished design. Once this was all in place it was time to start adding textures, either as a picture fill effect or as a tiled design. The completed image (which only used about 7 textures) looked amazing but A still needed to tidy up the edges. There are a number of ways I could have done this. I could have selected all the shapes using Ctrl+A, grouped them, saved the group as an image and used a photo editing or paint program to crop them. I chose to just press the Print Screen key and paste it into my photo editing package then crop and save. The finished image is below – I’m really quite pleased with it 🙂


Comments on: "Fun with Texture" (7)

  1. WOW, you have left me speechless. That is truly amazing Bev. I know what I will be trying today 🙂

  2. Simon Haughton said:

    Two websites which have loads of fabulous free textures on for downloading and trying out this cool idea are: and

  3. Thanks Simon. Hadn’t seen the second site before.

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