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It’s the simple things…

We all use PowerPoint. Some of us love it, some of us hate it, but we all get to grips with it and most people use it in their classrooms many times during a school week. It’s always worth working on developing PowerPoint skills. But, sometimes,  the simplest things in PowerPoint are the best.

Often slide design templates are something we just don’t think about. You can see them in the side task pane, you know they make your presentation look a bit more professional (sometimes) but many people just don’t use them. Many is the time I have sat through a presentation where the slide is either a graduated pale colour with Arial font crammed on the slide or uses a slide design template with no thought about whether the design matches the content of the presentation. And why do so many people feel the need to read off the slide? But enough of my moaning – let’s get back to the benefits of using a design template.

Now, as strange as it may seem, this first thing that is really simple. Selected and apply the design template of your choice. Then – instead of adding a Word Art title to the presentation, use the title slide and just type their title in the appropriate place, maybe adding your name in the text box underneath. Then save your work before moving on…

Most people are absolutely astounded to discover that they don’t have to rename their presentation (as shown above – I told you it was the little things). Replacing fonts is another cool feature that not enough people know about. Now the replace font option is in a different place depending on whether you use PowerPoint 2003 or 2007. In 2003 it’s on the format tab and in 2007 it’s on the home tab as one of the replace options on the right hand side.

This is a basic idea that packs a punch – as is setting  the font to use  throughout by just choosing it at the beginning of a presentation (so many people just are happy to have boxes full of Arial, 18pt and then change the boxes individually). But the pièce de résistance of the session is yet to come.

Insert a new slide:this will be a slide with a title box and a bullet pointed text box.Then type in your title and add the first piece of information to your bullet point. Then apply simple custom animation to this text (I choose descend as it is not too distracting). I use the return key to add your second bullet point.

As you start typing look to the right hand side of the screen in the custom animation pane. The second bullet point will automatically have the same custom animation as the first. Maximum impact – minimum effort!  Don’t you just love it when that happens?


Comments on: "It’s the simple things…" (2)

  1. Must admit I love PowerPoint and through you I have learnt how to use it in a more productive and creative way. Love macro- something I had never known before, create storybooks- again from you.
    It is a joy to see how the students react to the simple things I totally agree.
    thanks Bev,
    You are a true teacher- one who loves learning and inspires us all no matter what our age:)

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