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2Simple have done it again!

I’ve felt very honoured this week to have had the opportunity to have a good look at the latest excellent piece of software from the bods at 2Simple: 2Create a Superstory. Now I know I use 2Simple software a lot and talk about the benefits of it all the time but 2Simple have really outdone themselves with this – it’s a wonderfully versatile addition to their collection that seems to take elements from a number of their previous applications and wraps them all together in a fantastic, diverse, cross curricular bundle! Pupils can create interactive books and activities that include animations, original art or photos, text and sound. These activities are then saved as a .2CAS file (allowing projects to be returned to and edited if necessary) and also as an .SWF file, that could easily be in a included in a VLE,  school website or wikispace.

This was the opening menu that met the pupils on Friday - it's already been improved!

Earlier this week I posted a guest blog for 2Simple, outlining the fun I had using it with my grandchildren and that fun is continuing. The beauty of 2Simple software is that one piece links directly into another, with many familiar icons. This makes it suitable for pupils of all ages. I’d suggest storyboarding ideas before letting children loose on the software – although there’s lots of fun to be had. Yes –  the stories can be very simplistic at first  and may need refining. There are, however, any number of templates, backgrounds and other elements that lend themselves to both fiction and non-fiction work. I can see many uses for this throughout the curriculum with different age groups and think it will revolutionise the way that even the youngest pupils are able to present their work (although isn’t that exactly what 2Simple have managed to achieve consistently with all their products?). In fact I predict that 2Create a Superstory is going to be a runaway success!


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  2. […] a lovely time using 2Create a Super Story  (or 2CASS) with pupils in Year 2. As I’ve said before, it’s a fantastic program to use with pupils as it’s so inclusive, lots of fun and can […]

  3. […] a lovely time using 2Create a Super Story  (or 2CASS) with pupils in Year 2. As I’ve said before, it’s a fantastic program to use with pupils as it’s so inclusive, lots of fun and can […]

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