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Web research with Ript

Ript is a really cool tool to use with the pupils when covering different ways of collecting internet research. Of course there are any number of ideas you can use for this (and if you want some ideas just check out this link with ideas collected by Simon Haughton) but Ript is a little different as it bypasses the need for copying and pasting. You can use it to collect and present ideas, save them as jpgs, then print them off to use for reference.

Before you start ‘Ripting’ information, or start on other ways of presenting internet research, you can also looked at the different sections of a URL, how best to evaluate a website and how facts are validated on a site like wikipedia.  Once this is covered it’s time to look at some of the information available to us over the world wide web.  Used a few different search engines and compare results: the general concensus is that links from the BBC (which appear highly on all search engines) are the ones that would be most useful to use in school. This isn’t to suggest you cannot explore alternative sites. I just think many BBC sites have information that is presented in a much more ‘child friendly’ manner.

So what else could Ript be used for?  I’ve been surprised at some of the suggestions I’ve heard from people lately: from making a calendar using a learn new facts each day website to using it as a photo collage tool: both excellent ideas. What can you come up with?


Comments on: "Web research with Ript" (3)

  1. Oh Bev,

    I love Ript as well and the chn at school loved making an assessment task re dinosaurs about it last year. They also made the ‘face’ of a Christmas Card/
    Love the fact that you showed the Solar System as that is the unit of work I will be ding with the chn when we go back to school.
    Love how you write and make it seem so easy. can;t wait for your next topics.

  2. I agree how delighted I am when the children want to use the freebies at home. My yr 4’s have used Ript to collect research facts from the internet and to create an information page about their role in the school play. I’ve used the Sand one at home but am now having problemsaccessing it on the school laptop, wherever it is!! Any ideas?
    Brilliant blog Bev, really inspiring ideas.

  3. Thanks for the fantastic comments! Not sure why the sand application isn’t working. Never had any problems with it myself!!

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