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Time for Dinner

Want a quick Christmas idea for younger pupils – what better activity than to design table mats for the occasion using 2Publish+? Use the Borders setting to create out table mats, choosing template number 5. Then click on the square black arrow at the bottom of the felt pens to get to the additional tools, as these can really enhance the design and look of your table mat. Then create a repeated border design within the magnifying glass, using the fill tool to add a background colour first. A good idea is to use the fluffy cloud tool on a dark background to replicate snow: the effect looks amazing and is definitely the right choice for a snowy picture! The other details can be added using the felt tip pen tool. Of course it doesn’t have to be a snowy scene: you could create a tree using the fuzzy brush or draw other Christmas images. The important thing is to get the children to experiment with the different tools rather than just draw a design with the felt tip pens.

Onceyou are  happy with the design apply it as a border. The background colour really helps the border stand out (and they look beautiful when printed off – even if I say so myself!). Then it’s time to add the text!

In the upper text box the write a Christmas greeting. Get them to change the style of font (you could also made it Bold, italic or Underlined) and the colour. You can even change individual letters, or groups of letters, into an array of different colours, which looks really eye-catching. Then ask the  children to write their names in the lower text box and make changes (choosing different fonts and colours if desired).  If the font appears too small (even at pt 72) you can type in a higher number (100) and the font will be automatically sized to the largest size possible. The text in both boxes looks best if centralised and then it’s time to draw the central image.

Again, add a background colour with the fill tool and then create a seasonal design. Again use  a selection of different tools to create designs –  the finished designs will all be different, even when some have similar elements.


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