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Name that Tune

We all like a bit of fun at this time of year and here’s a fab activity that should go down well with younger pupils. Using 2Play, from the 2 Simple Music Toolkit, play a Christmas version of the old TV classic ‘Name that Tune’.

Set up the screen so that it shows the keyboard with the numbers and letters on (as above) andthen raise the keyboard and octave using the arrows at the top of the screen. I’d suggest getting your little ones to choose the vibes : I just think it sounds more Christmassy. Then show the children a line of ‘code’ on the IWB and work out together which famous Christmas tune it is.  Once you’ve worked on an example together  hand out some post it notes with lines of letters and numbers on. I have created ‘codes’ for 7 well known Christmas songs (including Jingle Bells).

Because the keyboard on 2Play uses both the letter ‘o’ and a zero I would make sure the numbers are coloured on the post it notes: much easier for the children to follow. Everyone needs to work on the same song at the same time. Pupils can ‘play’ the code a few times to get the hang of it and then they can record it. Once it’s recorded it they can play it back to see if they can work out which song it is.

It’s a whole load of fun! Have a go and see if you can work out the tunes posted here!


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  1. […] melody with 2Compose. The package also contains 2Beat, 2Play (which I really enjoy having a bit of fun with), 2Sequence and 2 Synthesize: all of which are great stand alone activities in their own right […]

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