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Eye on Fashion

Fancy creating a Christmas party outfit with a twist? Here’s how you do it!  I created a basic body outline in a selection of skin tones (there are 5 versions in this zip folder) and collected together a pile of suitably sparkling fabric swatches. Then use the body template as a base for your idea in a number of ways.

1. Drawing Freehand: Using the scribble line in the Autoshapes some pupils chose to draw their designs freehand onto the chosen template with their mouse. This is not for the faint hearted – you need a steady hand and plenty of creative vision to get it done! When happy with the outfit use the fill tool to fill the items of clothing with gradient colour, patterns, textures or the fabric swatch pictures. Check out the example below!

You may notice the cool necklace on the image – this was a Google image on a white background and you can use the pen on the picture toolbar to remove the white background. If you’ve not used this tool before you might like to try it (see below).

2. Using Autoshapes: For those not as confident with their mouse skills there was always to option of using Autoshapes. The image below was created using a combination of Autoshapes and clip art. Although the outfit is a bit angular it still has its own charm.

3. Using Clip Art: you can create r outfits purely out of clip art. Use the ungrouping method when necessary and  resize and recolour items as you go. This can be the easiest method, although there is limited clothing clip art when using the Microsoft Office clip art bank.

4. Using images found on the internet: For those who want a truly fashionable outfit there is nothing better than searching for images online and then adapting them to fit your own needs.Again you might need to use the pen on the picture toolbar to set the backgrounds to transparent but you can also add other elements in clip art or using Autoshapes.

In the image above the set of jewellery was created  by using simple circle shapes filled to look spherical. This is mainly to cover the join where the clip art head has been added but the result is quite effective.


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