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Fun with Mosaics

When we think of mosaics we usually think of Rome, but there’s a fantastic free download called Andrea Mosaic that allows you to make photo mosaics of the type made famous initially by The Truman Show Poster. This creates beautiful photo mosaics and can be linked to classroom activities in a number of different ways. All you need is a folder full of relevant photos/images, that are in .jpg format, and away you go. The website has plenty of ideas to get you started and there’s also a tutorial section.

The most obvious way to use this program is to recreate a famous work of art using images that match the theme of the painting. Van Gogh’s sunflowers looks fabulous created from photos of real sunflowers as does Monet’s Water Lilies created from photos of real water lilies. There are numerous pieces of art that could be recreated this way. My current favourite is this Lowry image created from images of other Lowry paintings – the effect is amazing!

It’s also a nice program for creating art linked to topical or historical events. The image below, created to coincide with Armistice day, and I am sure there are many other occasions or topics  throughout the school year where this sort of activity could be used as an interesting and engaging extension.

You can even use it to create Roman style mosaics using blocks of pure colour. I’ve created a collection of coloured mosaic tiles (you’ll need to unzip the folder) so that the program can be used in this way if you would like to try it. For the mosaic to look detailed you will have to set your tile number to the highest available setting (10,000) but the results can be truly gorgeous.

Whatever you choose to do with the program I’ll sure you’ll have fun with it. I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results.