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Rip it up!

For those of you who haven’t tried it yet, have a look at Ript. Ript is one of those ideas that is just so simple you wished you’d thought of it first. You just highlight the text or image you want to capture (from the web or your computer) and drag it to your pile, which floats on your desktop when Ript is running. Double click your pile and Ript opens up a slide that you can arrange your captured bits onto.

Now I know there are other ways you could do this sort of thing – you could just copy and paste things onto a PowerPoint slide. You could use a program like Gadwin Print Screen or Web Snap Shot to collect bits and pieces to use later on in another application. Ript just wraps it all up in one neat package and adds a fun element. Use it to gather research on a project or as a way to collect information and then sort it into categories. At the very least, download it,  (along with the Ript User Guide)install it and have a play: you wont be sorry.


Comments on: "Rip it up!" (2)

  1. Sounds brilliant- was lokking for something to do today with Year 5 technoogy and that is what we will do

  2. This looks brilliant for note-taking when working on-line to stop the children just printing out reams. It is so simple!!

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