Bev's adventures in ICT

As you do…

So there I was; shopping done and put away, tumble drying sorted, dog walked, mug of tea in hand, all ready to settle down in fornt of the TV for an afternoon’s relaxation when – oh no! – the bad weather knocked the satellite connection off! I am sure most people would fill this spare time reading a book or attempting to fix the satellite connection but not me. What do I do? I play about on PowerPoint.

I had been asked earlier in the week to come up with some dot-to-dot activities for pupils with visual impairment. They had to be high visibility and simple. They also had to be suitable for use on a mobile IWB. So I whiled away my spare afternoon to see if I could get something together.

So I’ve had a little bit of fun with custom animation and triggers and here it is – a dot-to-dot house in a high visibility format. Have a go and see what you think. Any ideas on how to improve it? Any suggestions for similar activities? Let me know!


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