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Archive for November 18, 2009

Planning with Dabbleboard

Mind mapping is big business! There are lots of fabulous free sites online that allow teachers (and pupils) to brainstorm ideas on the IWB in a meaningful and ordered way. All of them have their own strengths (and weaknesses) and an abundance of different features. Lately we’ve been using a website called Dabbleboard. It’s free to try out and, if you press print screen, you can save your plan by pasting it onto a PowerPoint (or an application of your choice).

You can  insert pictures (and documents too if you want) and the easy click and type feature is very appealing. you can also draw in your own arrows, unlike some applications which link things automatically. The application was easy to use and I really like the colourful way work can be presented. And it’s not just me who likes this application. I know a person who has been using the application as a starting point for some of his Myst work – inserting images taken from the game and building words and phrases around it. All in all I think it’s an application worth giving a try.